Welcome to KAC Bike Racks

Welcome to KAC Bike Racks

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We are glad you found us. Let us take a moment to introduce ourselves and share that we are not new to biking. KAC Bike Racks is a small team of outdoors enthusiasts and riders who are passionate about helping us all get out there. Riding is for everyone, so it doesn't matter if you're hitting the streets, coastline, bike trail, mountain trail, game trail, with the family, with the pup, or on a group ride, our racks are built for you.

What is KAC Bike Racks about?

SAFETY  It's the foundation of a good time. We emphasize safety from design to end use because anything can happen on the road, and it pays to be prepared. From safety straps to locks, we have you covered. 

DURABILITY  We use powder coated steel for a heavy duty rack that's up to any adventure. Maybe this makes a KAC bike rack is a bit heavier than others, but it will last longer, go farther, and support a variety of bicycles over the years.

FLEXIBILITY  Electric bikes, fat tires, mountain bikes, road bikes - KAC bike racks are built to carry it all. Our carriers are above average on tire width, weight capacity, and security features. Learn more about our broad-use hitch mounted bike racks here.

Stay Tuned...

As the summer winds down, we are looking forward to sharing many exciting announcements and promotions this fall. Stay up to date on new posts and other news by joining our email list and following us on Instagram

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